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 Reed Rockwell From DRYH

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The Headshot Troll

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PostSubject: Reed Rockwell From DRYH   Wed Sep 26, 2012 11:33 am

My name is: Reed Rockwell

And i am: An eighteen year old fuck up with mismatched eyes and severe paranoia. I guess i could be considered okay looking overall, i mean, my face doesn't repel people, and im in pretty good shape, but...i dont think anyone knows who i am anyway so...yeah...

What has been keeping you awake?: Im not sure...I think it's just a feeling. It's like something is always there, just out of my line of sight. Sometimes i think i can see it out of the corner of my eye, but when i look it's never there. And i do look...i never stop. It's compulsive, and i must look like a fucking idiot always looking over my shoulder like a fucking squirel. The truth is, im probably nuts, but it doesn't matter. It's's always there, and If i close my eyes, if i so much as hold a blink too long...

What just happened to you?: Some kids from my school were trying to goad me, pushing me around and stuff. Im basicaly used to it by now, but this time i tried to fight back...and... well long story short, one of the kids pulled a knife, and i ran like hell down this alley. It turned out to be a dead end, and the kid was coming at me, talking about how he was going to stab me for giving him a black eye....but then...the sewer grate next to him got pushed up to the side...and he didn't notice....I...I tried to warn him...but... The terror got him... it fucking pulled him through the grate, not around it, through it. Cut through him like a fresh fucking apple... And then... It was at the end of the alley. I couldn't see it, no one ever does, but it was there, and...and i hat to find some way out, so, there was this fire escape. It was all rusty, but i figured tetnus was better than death, so i ran up it. The window it went to was unlocked, so, i just went in...and, the window wasn't there anymore when i turned back... Im was in some sort of appartment, but, things have just been getting wierder and shitier since then.

What is on the surface?: Im a gangly teen with low self esteem and paranoia, but im a pretty good artist, and i can run like a godamn antelope. I tend to relate to others eisily, but i have some problems making deep friends.

What lies beneath?:

What is your path?: This whole place is crazy, but, now theres something that has been occuring to me more and more. It sounds stupid, but, im not as afraid anymore. Oh sure, im terrified of the random stuff that is trying to kill me...but IT isn't chasing me anymore. I think maybe, if i can get out alive, i could make it stop forever, i could go through life without being afraid all the time...


Fight: 1
Flight: 2

Exhaustion Talent= Freerunner: Reed can run significantly faster than most people, climb and dodge better, and just be generaly a quite effective acrobat.

Madness Talent= The Unseen- Sometimes, a fear of the unknown is justified. This is very true when the unknown can take people, when it can kill and maim and traumatise. The funny thing though, is that no one is quite sure what it one ever sees it after all.

1-2: The terror is right around the corner, reed knows it, and so do his enemies... It terrifies them, just as it should...after all, there has never existed something more unnatural, more truly disturbing...they can't bear to see it, which is good, since they won't.

3-4: Theres no place to hide from the Terror, the terror is right around every corner, just out of sight, just behind every door, waiting to take hold of any poor fool who would dare to stand before it... Reed isn't sure why, but, it seems to take hold of those who threaten his safety before all else.

5-6: Would it hurt to close your eyes for just a moment? Well, not if you are most people, but the instant Reed's eyelids flutter down the Terror is free, unwatched, viscous. It can do the unthinkable, kill the immortal, it is the singular of horror. But can the paranoid teen bring himself to take the chance? To close his eyes?

Dice: 6 Dicipline, 6 exhaustion, 8 madness needed total, just in case.

Your Curse: It's all too much. You just need a moment to rest your eyes. But you make a mistake, you keep them closed for too long. You forget about the horror for a moment, and that is all it needs. With a single movement, it put's out your eyes, and all at once, you know that you are doomed. It's there, it's right there in front of you. You can feel it's squirming horrible presence. You brace yourself for death... But it doesn't come. You reach out to it, begging it to just end your suffering, but your hands touch nothing... It isn't so kind. You realize that you have to warn everyone. It's loose, it's free. It's laughter echoes through you. You begin to run. you shout to the heavens, and through the streets about the horror that you are sure goes before you...but your voice is a roar, your tears are gouts of smoke and poisonous fog. With your every step you cause death all around you Buildings collapse and the ground turns to tar. Your intentions may have been good, but now, your just "The Terror-rest"


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PostSubject: Re: Reed Rockwell From DRYH   Wed Sep 26, 2012 11:54 am

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Reed Rockwell From DRYH
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